Solid Barrier PP & HIPS Trays

A pre-formed, high-barrier tray that extends shelf life and increases production efficiencies.
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  • PP & HIPS trays with a multilayered, coextruded oxygen barrier film laminated to the inside surface
  • Hermetically sealed with Cryovac® barrier lidstock, these trays deliver a virtually leak-proof package that can be produced at high speeds
  • Specialty trays have unique "step" feature to limit product movement within the tray and provide increased stability
  • For processors, the solid barrier tray/lidstock combination provides a MAP system that nearly doubles packaging speeds, virtually eliminates leakage, and substantially reduces labor costs.
  • For retailers, this MAP product provides additional shelf life and reduces in-store labor. Since product pricing and labeling are done centrally, packages can go directly from cooler storage to the retail display case.
  • Each tray can be individually gas-flushed, and can be used in high or low oxygen applications
  • Easy to de-nest, simplifying automated loading
  • Case Ready meat and poultry
  • Available in a variety of depths and perimeters to accommodate different product weights and sizes.
  • Available in several colors
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