Cryovac® Flavour Mark Shelf-Stable Pouches

Shelf-stable pouches for greater flavor and texture in retort and aseptic products
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  • Durable flexible pouches made with a high-performance, multi-layer, coextruded film designed for shelf stable particulate and non-particulate foods
  • Provide cost-effective, better-tasting alternative to #10 cans
  • Low profile package means faster heating during retort process and faster re-therm
  • Secure, high-integrity seals
  • Offers nearly 100 percent product yield
  • Durable enough to withstand the rigors of rough handling during distribution
  • Less heat abuse during retort process means better tasting, healthier food
  • Provide lower material costs, more efficient storage, safer handling, more efficient labor, and lower waste disposal costs when compared to #10 cans
  • Substantial packaging savings over #10 cans: 1 roll of film can form enough pouches = 1,600 #10 cans
  • Storage savings: 1 roll of film= 3 cubic feet of storage space. An equivalent number of cans= 265 cubic feet of space
  • Foods such as refried beans, chili with meat, stews, soups, olives, mushrooms, vegetables and sauces
  • Made for products that require thermal processing after packaging to achieve shelf stability
  • Available for volumes from 16 to 128 ounces

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