Cryovac® Condiment and Sauce Dispensing

Cryovac® pouches, with a dispensing fitment, can deliver a portion-controlled quantity of all condiments and sauces
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  • Operational efficiencies: easier to store, easier to use, and easier to discard.
  • More space efficient occupying 40% less space than #10 cans.
  • Sanitary, hermetic pouches reduce product waste, contamination and degradation
  • Marries to a pump station completing a closed loop dispensing system to maintain product integrity
  • Rapid change over when replacing empty pouches
  • Safety: Cryovac® pouches are easier and safer for employees to use than cans or tubs: no jagged edges, bits of glass or metal to contaminate the product, and pouches’ easy open feature requires no knives or scissors.
  • Easier product evacuation means virtually 100% product yield
  • Empty pouches take up less dumpster space than rigid containers lowering waste disposal costs
  • Sauces, dressings, condiments, BBQ sauce, syrups, toppings
  • The pouch size is 1.5 gallons and portions can be controlled in ΒΌ ounce increments.

Related Equipment:

  • Compatible with most front-of-house dispensing systems

Case Histories:

  • RTM Restaurant Group Discovers Dispensing System that Eliminates Problems Encountered When Serving Sauces
  • Heinz Increases Quality and Service Thanks to Cryovac® Packaging Systems
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