Export Meat Pads

Export Meat Pads have been specifically designed for use in the application of vacuum packaging of meat products.
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Utilizes superabsorbent polymers for improved moisture retention
  • Superior drip retention – once the super absorbent polymer absorbs, juices will not release them under pressure
  • Rapid Absorption Time & extra absorbency qualities
  • No direct absorption of juices from the customer’s product
  • No contact between juices already absorbed and customer’s product
  • Looks better, and provides a more hygienic product
  • Retards bacterial growth and slows spoilage
  • Export applications
  • Variety of meat, fish, and poultry applications
  • Absorbency from 50 ml to 340 ml
  • 212/Small/Medium/Large
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