Pad-Loc Super Absorbent Pads (PLS)

High moisture packages demand more absorption. Pad-Loc™ Super Absorbent Pad utilize revolutionary super absorbent granules combined with a unique pad construction to offer an ideal solution for meat and poultry processors as well as case-ready markets.
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  • Using a revolutionary new technology, Pad-Loc™ Super Absorbent Pad are more absorbent than ever before.
  • Four-edge perimeter seal keeps moisture in its place
  • Maximum absorbency; tested up to 450 grams
  • Dry packages extend shelf life and improve product appearance
  • Superior absorption and retention results in fewer rewraps and downgrades
  • Significantly reduces inventory requirements; thinness of pads increases the number in each box or on each roll, resulting in fewer roll changeovers for pre-padding operations
  • Meat and poultry processors as well as case-ready markets.
  • Available in pre-padded trays, rolls and loose cut form
  • Pad-Loc™ Super Absorbent Pads are sold to processors in truckload quantity (approximately 1 million pads) in a variety of colors and absorbencies.
  • Also available without the inclusion of superabsorbent granules
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