Cryovac® OS Films - Active Barrier Films

Extends food product quality through oxygen-absorbing packaging, not formulations. This technology does not require an activation step.
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  • Improved oxygen protection inhibits the growth of mold and aerobic microorganisms improving the microbial quality of the product
  • Oxygen absorbers in the film help preserve product color, flavor, and nutritional quality

How It Works

  • Designed for vacuum packaged products or packages with minimal headspace
  • This polymer-based oxygen absorbing barrier uses breakthrough technology that is invisible to consumers because the scavenging component is coextruded in the film and does not require activation.
  • Scavenging components provide a higher level of protection from oxygen compared to standard barrier materials that only contain a passive barrier.
  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for preservatives for "cleaner" label options
  • Longer shelf life enables processors to increase sales through new, wider or different distribution channels
  • The scavenging polymer is invisible to metal detectors allowing processors to use metal detection systems after the packaging operation.
  • Protects against light-catalyzed oxidation so products can be displayed in clear packages
  • Increasing product shelf life reduces costs such as spoilage allowance, end of code date write-downs, and returns
  • Since scavenger is invisible, OS films do not alter the look of the package, and offer shoppers a clear view of the product inside.
  • Applications include smoked and processed meats, cheeses, baked goods, fresh pasta and dry food products such as coffee, nuts, drink and baking mixes, and other snack foods
  • Equally effective with wet or dry products because scavenging action does not require moisture
  • Designed specifically for oxygen sensitive products and products with a long shelf life that are vacuum packaged or packaged with minimal headspace.
  • Ideal for organic products or products that prefer a "cleaner" label
  • Available as rollstock, can be used as heat sealing lidding film on thermoformed packages, trays, bowls, cups and tubs.
  • Can be trap printed
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