Cryovac® Odor Scavenging Materials

State-of-the-art packaging materials scavenge confinement odors, removing them from the package and maintaining the desired aroma profile.
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  • Can help maintain product quality without reformulating the product
  • Rapidly reduces confinement odors that can be generated by the breakdown of certain food components
  • Odor absorbers in the film can help preserve the product aroma throughout the product life
  • Scavenging mechanisms are incorporated into the film and are invisible to customer
  • Does not require activation
  • Longer shelf life enables processors to increase sales through new, wider or different distribution channels
  • Applications include smoked and processed meats, cheeses, baked goods, fresh pasta and dry food products such as coffee, nuts, drink and baking mixes, and other snack foods
  • This technology can be incorporated into a variety of packaging formats to meet specific packaging needs
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