Cryovac® Multi-Seal Package

An easy-open and reclosable deli package that works consistently time after time
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  • Opens more easily than other easy-open packages and re-seals reliably multiple times
  • Can run on existing thermoforming equipment so there is no need for auxiliary equipment such as die cut machines, labelers or printers
  • Small package footprint takes up less room in shipping, retail display and the consumer's refrigerator
  • Recent research shows that consumers like this easy open recloseable package and believe that it keeps meat fresh
  • Makes a recloseable option available without adding the extra equipment costs of using a zipper or tub
  • Allows for peg board, standing, or lay-flat options
  • More environmentally friendly than tubs, due to source reduction
  • Available for many applications: sliced deli meat, snack meats such as jerky, and cheese
  • 5.5 mil gauge
  • Maximum width of 700mm for non-forming web
  • Forming web available in clear, black, and white
  • Non-forming web is printable in up to 10 colors process print
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