Marinade on Demand Package

Cryovac® Marinade on Demand™ package combines marinade and fresh meat in a single package, though they remain in separate pockets until the user is ready to marinate and cook.
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  • Two-part, thermoformed rollstock package that separates fresh meat from the marinade portion although in the same package, allowing for an easy and sanitary marinating process.
  • Simple marinating process: When the consumer or food service operator is ready to marinate, they squeeze the marinade pocket breaking the seal between the two pockets. Marinade is transferred to the meat side beginning the marinating process that lasts as long as the user desires.
  • Functional marinade ingredients such as acids, alcohols and tenderizers (which can affect product texture and flavor over time in pre-marinated meat packages) can now be used because the amount of marinating time can be easily controlled by the operator
  • Inline system allows for continuous run of product with a 5-10 minute flavor change
  • Reduces waste – exactly the right amount of marinade for every product, every time
  • No-mess preparation or clean-up – product is marinated in a sealed environment eliminating the need to dirty pans
  • Wash down and tumbling process is eliminated, saving both time and money
  • Beef cuts, pork cuts and boneless chicken breasts
  • Runs on current thermoforming machines with tooling change