Mirabella® Lidstock and Tray Package

Mirabella® case-ready packaging prevents discoloration from meat-to-film contact in a barrier package
  • Features
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  • Specifications
  • A patented process that provides a modified atmosphere between barrier and non-barrier films to prevent discoloration from meat-to-film contact
  • High film transparency and clarity
  • Uniformly flat surface with clean edges ensured by film’s shrink properties
  • Effective barrier properties and strong hermetic seal
  • Low profile tray reduces package height, significantly lowering carbon footprint due to more efficient shipping and handling
  • Enhanced freshness appeal and less waste from discoloration
  • A natural way to extend quality life
  • More packs per carton for maximized storage, distribution and display stacking/shingling
  • Reduces shrink, out-of-stock and labor costs
  • Consistent in-stock position and greater variety
  • Offers store-wrapped appearance with extended quality life
  • Fresh meat, poultry
  • 1.5 mil dual layer barrier film with barrier rigid or foam tray
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