Cryovac® Easy-open / Reclosable materials

Market-leading easy-open rollstock materials designed to run on a wide variety of rollstock machines
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  • A full range of convenience options such as: Universal Easy-Open system for non-forming webs, seals to all types of sealants time after time.
  • Tear-Out system for forming webs maintains strong seals, even through contaminates or post-pasteurization heat treatment, and still delivers easy-open performance
  • Printing capability for non-forming web
  • Can incorporate E-seal technology
  • Wider operating window handles a greater variety of forming depths over a broader temperature range making the film more forgiving and easier to use
  • Improved shrink creates a tighter, better looking package
  • Consistent peel strengths over a wide range of package conditions
  • Compatible with all zippers and can be combined with aggressive seal/EZ-Open
  • Enhanced clarity and greater memory
  • Applications include retail and foodservice packaging
  • Retail and foodservice cheese cuts, string cheese
  • Available plain or printed and in thin or thick gauge
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