Dry Chill Ice Replacement Products

Superior Ice Replacement products that facilitate transportation of fresh foods & medical products around the globe.
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Non-toxic gel coolant
  • Maintain temperature control at optimum ranges during short or long distance transportation
  • Versatile to fit a host of food and medical applications
  • Lightweight for freight and storage
  • Retain fluid, no spoilage
  • Protect products integrity and enhance presentation
  • Maintaining low temperature to enhance product freshness, but without freezer-burn and minimize dehydration
  • Reducing freight cost and storage cost
  • Quick, Easy and Clean to use.
  • Food items such as Seafood, Meat etc.
  • Medical applications
  • Retail Applications
  • Available with Freezer Control Bubble Pack
  • 250g to 1.25 kg.
Product specifications, brands and availablity may vary depending on your geographic location. Refer to the country selector at the top of this page to browse product in your region.