Cryovac® VSP/Darfresh® Vacuum Packaging

Darfresh® vacuum skin packaging provides a unique combination of longer shelf life and dramatic product presentation. The product itself serves as the forming die. Wrinkles in the film are virtually eliminated because there is no preformed pocket to contour around the product. Each package is finished to a smooth, skintight fit.
What is Darfresh® packaging?

A process that utilizes two films to create a vacuum package which has a second skin appearance (VSP). This creates a unique three-dimensional package with a premium look perfect for merchandising. Darfresh® materials preserve the color, flavor and integrity of the product that they envelop.

Product Applications:
Benefits of Darfresh® packaging
  • For Consumers
  • For Retailers
  • For Processors
Fresh red meat cuts have a higher quality taste and tenderness because no MAP gases are used and the product “wet ages” in the package
  • Vacuum packed for freshness
  • Extended shelf life in refrigerator
  • Easy to open, never have to touch the product
  • Freezer ready, no need to re-wrap
  • Product appearance differentiates the package in the case
  • Opportunity to leverage consumers’ association of vacuum packaging with freshness by using point of sale materials
  • Improved product quality
  • Extended shelf life means reduced shrink and better in-stock position, overall cost savings
  • Allows vertical display of product, reduced packaging allows better utilization of case space
  • Total seal maintains purge to the meat, keeps a tight, clean package
  • Leak-proof Darfresh® packaging = clean meat case
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Reduced packaging means better shipping efficiencies
  • Increased sales from higher product turnover
  • Better product consistency (taste & color) from package to package
  • Versatile; meets requirements for a wide product range
Did you know…
  • Beef in its natural state is not red or bloomed. Vacuum packaging removes oxygen to maintain freshness and preserves meat’s natural state, which is actually a purplish color.
  • Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of vacuum packaging and more willing to accept the purple coloration of meat because they have had more opportunities to see meats before blooming takes place, whether at butcher shops or in restaurants.
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