ST12, ST77, ST85 Hot Water Diptanks

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Cryovac® hot water shrink diptanks are designed for use with the full range Cryovac® vacuum shrink bags to provide superior product presentation
  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • The Cryovac® range of hot water shrink diptanks provide superior shrink performance for Cryovac barrier or non-barrier shrink bags to ensure the best possible product presentation.
  • Ideally suited for a processing line that includes smaller chamber vacuum machines or larger VS series vacuum chamber machines. The Cryovac® diptanks run as a batch process shrinking multiple bags per cycle.
  • Fresh meat cuts, processed meats, poultry, cheese blocks
  • Designed to fully immerse the product in the water bath in a batch process that ensure optimal shrink of all Cryovac® shrink bags
  • Electronic water level control and temperature control up to 92°C
  • Available in various machines sizes to suit a variety of product sizes and applications
  • Machines achieve up to 5 cycles per minute
  • Available in electric or steam heating versions and left or right hand options
  • Hygienic design makes cleaning easy and effective
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