Cryovac® Onpack VFFS Systems

With our broad range of systems applications, you can package fluid products with or without particulates, in pouches from six ounces to more than five gallons. A fitment option turns the flexible pouch into part of an easy-to-use, manual dispensing system ideal for condiments. Flexible pouches have greater shipping and storage efficiencies, virtually 100% product yield, no dangerous, jagged edges, and less solid waste volume.
Cryovac® Onpack VFFS packaging systems are capable of packaging cold or hot fill products, producing a hermetically sealed pouch with no headspace. Liquid pumping or solids handling and weighing equipment are also available. Our Packaging Specialists can help you decide which system fits your specific packaging needs.
Proven Reliable Systems

Our systems are designed to perform consistently, day in and day out. It's not surprising that there are Cryovac® Onpack VFFS systems in daily production with over 100 million cycles - and still going strong. Rest assured, our equipment is built to last.

Systems for smaller packages 0.3 to 5 litres
Systems for larger packages up to 10 litres
Systems for two-part fill applications or bulk poultry products
Systems for retort applications
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