Darfresh® Vacuum Skin Packaging

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A range of vacuum skin packaging machines for high quality, value added consumer products.
  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • The Darfresh® vacuum skin packaging system provides superior presentation of food products packaged on a variety of tray designs with high barrier Darfresh vacuum skin films that form around the product. The system extends the shelflife of products.
  • Ideally suited to retail products such as fresh meats, processed meats, seafood, poultry, paté, dairy products.
  • Three models currently available to suit most application and throughput requirement.
  • Rigid and flexible bottom web options, 3 web options (on larger models only)
  • In-register printed web system (on some models)
  • A range of customised tray/pack designs and formats available.
  • Optional inline printing, labeling, cut outs/punch options, easy open options are available.
  • Potential volumes from 10-40 packs per minute (product and pack type dependant)
  • Custom designed systems to ensure the best possible pack presentation
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