BLR1 & BLR2 RoboLoaders

FreshMeats Smoked Processed Cheese
Cryovac® BLR1 & BLR2 automatic bag loaders
  • Overview
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  • Specifications
  • Cryovac® BLR1 & BLR2 bag loaders are fully automatic, high speed robotic bag loaders for loading a range of food products into Cryovac® taped bags. They automatically select from a range of 2-6 bags sizes
  • Whole meat cuts, cheese blocks
  • The BLR RoboLoaders have either 2 or 6 bag options available and through an automated product sizing system select the correct bag size for that product.
  • Available in either left or right hand options to suit any application and are ideal for interconnection to 8600 series rotary chamber machinery.
  • Can process bags 225-450mm wide, max. 850mm long
  • Capable of up to 15-20 packs per minute (product type dependant)
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