BL125 & BL126 Bag Loader

Cryovac® BL125 & BL126 automatic vertical bag loader
  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Fully automatic vertical bag loaders for loading single or multiple trim cuts of fresh meat into Cryovac® taped barrier bags
  • Whole meat cuts or multiple trim cuts such as loose meats, boneless beef briskets, knuckles, eye round, tenderloins and flats
  • The BL125/BL126 loaders automatically open the taped bags, automatically index's the product forward and loads into the bag vertically and then presents the bag ready for vacuum packaging via a conveyor system (not included)
  • BL125 can process bags 175-225mm wide; BL126 can process bags 250-350mm
  • Capable of up to 20 packs per minute (product type dependant)
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