Australian Packaging Covenant

Sealed Air Cryovac Australia has been a proud signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant since 2001.
Sealed Air has developed and introduced a SmartLife™ initiative as a multi-platform approach to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable packaging and to advance our sustainability mission within the total business strategy.
SmartLife™ is Sealed Air Corporation’s approach to advancing its sustainability objectives across its global organization. Combining smart people, smart analytic systems and a dedication to seeking value through the entire life cycle, SmartLife™ reflects Sealed Air Corporation’s commitment to helping its stakeholders understand the environmental benefits and impacts of packaging solutions to best fit their sustainable goals.
As a major packaging manufacturer in Australia, Sealed Air Cryovac continues to use its position in the packaging supply chain to ensure joint initiatives are undertaken with both suppliers and customers, using recycled and recyclable materials and designing packaging to maximize transportation efficiencies.
As a Signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, Sealed Air Cryovac Australia is dedicated to the three performance goals of Design, Recycling and Product Stewardship.

This includes:

  • Specific joint source reduction initiatives with suppliers and customers including the redesign of Consumer, Secondary and Tertiary packaging.
  • Ensuring waste management is a part of the culture within our manufacturing site and the maximum possible amount of scrap is recycled internally. Any waste not able to be recycled internally is sent for external recycling.
  • Adopting the latest technology for transportation optimization, and continuously improving load and transport efficiencies.
  • Implementing a systematic review of all existing packaging against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines.
  • Implementing the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for the design of all new and upcoming products.

Please click to view our Cryovac Australia Action Plan.