Total Systems Approach

Taking a systems approach means being a partner, not a supplier. We help our customers solve every day challenges and operate their businesses more efficiently so that they can be more profitable. How? By combining technology, engineering, manufacturing know-how, endless services, unparalleled customer support and a thirst for future growth that cannot be matched.

The best way to improve your bottom line is with exceptional performance and products engineered to provide long term value. From increased productivity to alternate formats that boost efficiency, from product consistency to reduced retail shrink…all provide you with big rewards.


With the Cryovac brand, you'll get best-in-class solutions. From customized packaging and consumer research, and product development all the way through to specialized financing options, integrated plant solutions, and flawless technical delivery and service. You won’t just have the best materials and most efficient equipment systems, you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you're always operating at optimal effectiveness.


Your smallest inquiries and most complex questions can be easily answered by our team of experts - the smartest, most experienced people in the industry (from food scientists to equipment engineers to packaging designers). Further, we invest in unique facilities like Packforum Asia and the Nanjing Agriculture University Cryovac Vacuum Shrink Packaging Laboratory to facilitate knowledge and ideas and to explore them in a hands-on way.