Innovative Packaging

Food Packaging Labs

For more than half a century, we have been a leading technological innovator, developing food packaging systems for a variety of industries around the world. Our passion for innovative thinking balanced with disciplined scientific inquiry has led to breakthroughs including TBG bags with built-in, clear boneguard protection for optimal retail merchandising; the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of case-ready technologies; "breathable" and anti-fog materials for fresh-cut produce; flexible pouch packaging systems for pumpable or pourable foods; and oxygen scavenging films that keep food fresh, longer. From these experiences, we have established an extensive knowledge base in analytical techniques for food products.
  • Our Food Science Laboratories within Applications, Development, and Support (ADS) provide technical support to our customers for various developmental and commercial projects.
  • Our state of the art facilities enable us to provide services that include chemical, microbial and sensory analyses of food products, assistance in equipment operation and sanitation, and material and systems evaluations.
  • Project involvement and support are key avenues of interaction between our laboratories and our customers. The Applications laboratory is often consulted to supply technical assistance including food safety information and solutions for shelf-life problems. This usually involves some degree of investigative work and consists of problem identification and resolution, and assisting customers in minimizing the likelihood of reoccurrence.
History of Innovation

We have a heritage of developing products that have transformed the food industry. Since our products have always begun as someone else's need, we’re proud of our customer relationships and successes. And, we continually look for ways to foster new thinking, so centers like Packforum Asia and the Nanjing Agriculture University Cryovac Vacuum Shrink Packaging Laboratory combine with groups like the International Chefs Circle to drive solutions for our customers and the industry as a whole.