Commitment to Food Safety

We understand that the safety of our customers’ products is of paramount importance. Our state of the art food packaging labs enable us to provide services that include chemical, microbial and sensory analyses of food products, assistance in equipment operation and sanitation, and material and systems evaluations. Experienced food technologists work closely with customers providing technical assistance including food safety information and solutions for shelf-life problems, assisting customers in minimizing the likelihood of reoccurrence.
Explore our industry-leading packaging options that address food safety concerns and maximize product quality life. Quality Life
Our barrier vacuum packaging and case ready technologies provide extended shelf life through distribution and protect against in-store shrink.
Vacuum packaging solutions include Grip & Tear ™ vacuum shrink bag, Multi-Seal™ reclosable package, and Multibag™ portion pack
Preserve your product’s fresh appearance with Cryovac Case Ready packaging such as Mirabella™ and Darfresh Bloom™
Freshness Plus portfolio allows processors to focus on quality product life through packaging, not formulations
Ready-to-Eat Products
USDA regulations for Ready-to-Eat (RTE) meat products require different degrees of food contact and end-product testing for Listeria monocytogenes. USDA regulated companies may avoid some end-product testing if they implement an intervention step (critical control point or CCP), such as a post-packaging heat treatment or use packaging that allows meat or poultry products to be shipped in the same package in which they are cooked, eliminating the need for secondary handling. This is where our experience in cook-and-ship and post-packaging heat treatments can benefit our customers. Read article on Post-Processing Pasteurization and Its Effect on Listeria