Design and Graphics Services

Quickly getting from Concept to Market

Selecting the right package to preserve and protect your food product is critical. But the other part of the equation is effective shelf presence. A successful package is one that catches the attention of a shopper and ends up in the grocery cart. Our design, prepress, and printing capabilities get you to market quickly and effectively because we have all the expertise under one roof.

Our 3D AU / Graphics Department can help you visualize your brand on any of our food packaging products. We can design the graphics that project your brand while allowing maximum visibility of your product in our packaging. Our mockups help you sell your product within your organization and to your customers before committing capital. This helps get you to market faster. This can be in a format of simple colour proofs to high end 3D models and animations.


Once you have your design, our Graphic Services specialists will insure that the design is refined and separated for printing. They make sure that your image can be reproduced with the highest fidelity every time you place an order.


We have state-of-the-art printing equipment in all of our printing locations. This helps to insure that we deliver timely, consistent quality printing and converting.