Foodservice Operators

As the number of meals prepared and served outside the home grows, so too does demand for innovative food packaging formats for use in commercial kitchens. With many restaurants today serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, operators pressed for time are turning to Cryovac® packaging solutions that help reduce prep work, shorten cooking times and even make clean-up easier. For example, our expanding flexible pouch packaging systems can be used to produce entire pre-prepared entrées, allowing for expanded menu offerings in addition to more efficient operations.

We also know that in the competitive food service business, quality can’t be sacrificed for convenience. We are currently innovating packaging materials and equipment systems that enable fresh and processed foods to be transported across longer distances — resulting in more fresh deliveries and fewer meals prepared from frozen food.

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These Cryovac® packaging solutions help reduce prep work, shorten cooking times and even make clean-up easier: